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  • When do classes begin?
    The new dance season begins in the fall. Classes will begin on September 1. Registration will remain open through January, and new students are welcome and encouraged to register at any point during this time. To register your child mid-season, please call the office, and they will help you schedule classes.
  • Can my child start at any point in the year?
    New students are accepted throughout the year as long as there is room in the class. Registration is open through January. Preparation for the annual recital begins in January, and we want students to have ample time to prepare and also have time to order and receive their costumes.
  • How long is the dance season?
    The PADC dance year correlates with the school year. Our dance year begins in early September and ends with a recital in June. During June and July, we offer summer classes as well as several dance camps.
  • Do you offer classes for boys?
    PADC offers multiple classes as well as special discounts for boys. PADC provides a postive encouraging environment for all dancers, and we want to encourage boys to give dance a try. There are several classes and styles in which boys participate and excel at our studio. Please call the office at 740-368-8800, and they will help you with scheduling and availability.
  • Do you offer classes for those with special needs?
    PADC offers classes specifically for those ages 6-18 with special needs. We believe in providing a fun encouraging environment that meets our dancers where they are and provides a setting where they can learn and grow. Please call the office at 740-368-8800, and they can help you with scheduling and availability.
  • How can I register my child at Performing Arts Dance Centre?
    Registration is quick and simple. The best first step is to call the office at 740-368-8800 to discuss the classes you want to take and availability. We will be happy to help you through the registration process from there. We also have online registration available by clicking on the Register/Account link at the top of each page.
  • Which classes should I choose for my child?
    We recommend calling us at 740-368-8800 to discuss the placement of your child in the proper dance class. Our youngest students start with Combo classes (ages three and four). If your child has previous dance experience or has an interest in a particular style, we can help you decide which class will be the best fit for your child. Students may take one or multiple dance classes per week, depending on their goals and desires.
  • Is my dancer obligated to participate the entire year?
    Dancers may withdraw from a class or classes during the year. However, because we are holding a spot in class for your child, we ask that you contact us directly to let us know that your child will no longer be participating. If your child wants to re-register for classes at a later time, participation will only be permitted based on class availability.
  • Am I permitted to watch my child's class?
    Yes, our parent viewing areas have closed circuit monitors that allow parents to watch their child’s class in progress.
  • Do I have to stay during my child's class, or may I leave and pick them up after class?"
    We do not require parents to stay for their child’s class unless their child is in a Combo class. Teachers cannot leave the studio to escort little ones to the restroom, so parents are advised to remain at the studio for the duration of Combo classes. If you do choose to leave the studio while your older child is in class, we ask that you make sure they have everything they need for class. All dancers are required to wait inside until their pick-up arrives. In case of an emergency, parents will be contacted only if we find that their child needs medical attention. If a parent/guardian can not be contacted, Performing Arts Dance Centre will use their best judgment on medical attention.
  • Is there a dress code, shoe and hair requirements for each class?"
    Yes, because dance is a discipline and requires ease of movement and an element of grace and decorum, students should be prepared for class with appropriate attire and shoes. Dancewear guidelines are listed on the Policies page under About PADC. We have an onsite retail shop called Dancer's Closet where you can order and/or purchase shoes, leotards, tights and accessories for class.
  • Why does my child's class seem to be doing steps they have already learned?
    As in any sport or activity, practice and repetition of physical movements is needed to achieve the best outcome. Repetition of movements will help train and define muscles your child needs to be the best dancer they can be.
  • Do you have a competition team?
    Yes, we do have competitive dance teams. Please see our Competition page listed under Classes. Please feel free to contact us directly at 740-368-8800 for requirements.
  • Is it mandatory for students to perform in the recital?
    The recital is optional for students. That said, performance is an important part of dance education. Establishing stage presence and building confidence and self-esteem is part of the experience. The recital also provides an outlet to celebrate the achievements of a student’s hard work and progress.
  • If my child does not want to continue taking class, do I receive a refund on tuition or costumes?"
    If your child does not want to continue taking dance class, we ask that you have them finish out the session in December, and then drop the class or perhaps try another style. Once recital costumes are ordered, we cannot cancel an order. Dropping out of a class once costumes are ordered also impacts the entire class as well as the choreography of the number. At Performing Arts Dance Centre, we feel it is important to teach students that quitting in the middle of something that involves others is not fair. Students should at least try to finish out the year. PADC does not give refunds on tuition or costumes.
  • When is tuition due and how do I pay?
    Tuition is due the first of every month. If not paid by the 10th, a late fee will be assessed. PADC accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or money orders at the studio. Automatic payment option also is available. To avoid late fees, if you are absent the first class of the month, tuition can be mailed or paid by phone with a credit card. Any tuition not paid by the beginning of the following month will result in your child sitting out of class.
  • Can my child make up a class that he/she missed?
    Yes, all paid classes are encouraged to be made up within one month of the absence. Please ask your child’s teacher or see the front desk for the best make-up class options.
  • Do you offer discounts on classes if we have more than one child enrolled?
    Yes, PADC offers tuition discounts depending on the number of children per family and the number of classes the family takes. Please contact the studio at 740-368-8800 for specifics.
  • Do you offer a discount for military families?
    Yes, PADC is proud to support active, reserve and veteran military families with a 10% discount.
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