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Fun Dance Training Activities


Dance With A Balloon

Leg and hand coordination
Juggle a balloon while dancing to music. The balloon should not touch the floor before the music stops.

Jump To The Beats

Developing rhythm
Pick a variety of songs with different tempos. Encourage dancers to jump to the beat. 

Balancing The Book Dance

Teaches body control, posture and enhances concentration
Place a book on your head before the music starts. Dance around without dropping the book. If the book does fall, just pick it up and keep going.

Dancing With Sticks (drum sticks if you have them)

Develop gross motor skills and hand eye coordination

  • Hold one stick in your hand and the other stick beside you.

  • Hammer the floor three times with one stick while singing, “Hammer the floor 1, hammer the floor 1, and hammer the floor 1.”

  • Then, use both the sticks and hammer the floor while singing, “Hammer the floor 2, hammer the floor 2, and hammer the floor 2.”

  • Next, hammer the floor using the two sticks and one foot simultaneously.

  • Next, use both the sticks and both feet.

  • Then, start shaking your head along with the moves using the sticks and the feet. And for each round, the song should include the number of parts you are using.

Create as many creative dance moves as you can while holding the (drum) sticks

Painting Dance

Creative expression
Set out a plastic tablecloth with some large sheets of paper. Use watercolor paint and dip your foot into a paint color. Step onto the paper and tap and do dance steps on the paper. Put the other foot into another color and do the same. Rotate multiple colors. Once you are done dancing, you will have a pretty abstract picture. 


The Animal Dance

Improve observation skills and creativity
Choose an animal and observe their behavior either on TV or online. Play some music and dance to mimic the animal's movements. Record the dance and have fun watching how you danced!

Improv Party

Creative expression and confidence
Elegant like Elsa? Cool like Christophe? Mighty like Moana? Put on your favorite song to dance to and get going! Dance is creative expression, so make it your own, have fun and make up some awesome moves! Put on a show for your family, or better yet, teach them your dance and have a dance party!

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