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Spotlight Dancers

Ava Jaramillo.jpeg

Recreational Dancer

Ava Jaramillo

Ava is nine years old, and this is her third year dancing at PADC. She takes gymnastics class.


Ava's favorite move to do is a head stand, and she loves to dance to all types of music.


In the fourth grade at Smith Elementary School, Ava's favorite subject is gym. She wants to be a veterinarian some day.

A fun fact about Ava is that she can do a taco with her tongue.

Congratulations, Ava!

Nora Riley.jpeg

Competitive Dancer

Nora Riley

Nora is eight years old and has been dancing at PADC for six years. She takes classes in tap, ballet, hip hop and acro. She competes on Mini All Stars, and she does a tap solo. Nora's favorite thing about competition is getting dressed up and being on stage.


Nora's favorite dance class is her tap solo class. Her favorite move is the Shirley Temple, and she loves to dance to the song "This Is Me."


In the third grade at Schultz Elementary School, Nora wants to be a vet.

An interesting fact about Nora is that she has a bearded dragon.


Congratulations, Nora!

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