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Recreational Dancer

Brooke Adams

Brooke is 12 years old, and this is her eighth year dancing at PADC. She takes hip hop.


Brooke's favorite move is the pony, and her favorite song to dance to is "Thumbs" by Sabrina Carpenter.


In the seventh grade at Ohio Connections Academy, Brooke's favorite subject is Language Arts. She plans to become a teacher.

An interesting fact about Brooke is that she is a fan of Sabrina Carpenter and has actually met her!

Congratulations, Brooke!

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Competitive Dancer

Raelyn Fraser

Raelyn is five years old and has been dancing at PADC for three years. She takes classes in tap, jazz and hip hop. She competes on the Divas & Dude hip hop team. Raelyn's favorite thing about competition is getting medals and trophies.


Raelyn's favorite class is hip hop. Her favorite move is the bouncing chest pop, and she loves to dance to whatever music is on!


In Kindergarten at Carlisle Elementary School, Raelyn wants to be a dancer when she grows up.

An interesting fact about Raelyn is that she landed her cartwheel on the balance beam.


Congratulations, Raelyn!

Spotlight Dancers

Suzie D'Arcangelo.jpg

Recreational Dancer

Suzie D'Arcangelo

Suzie is 7 years old and has been dancing at PADC for four years. She takes ballet, hip hop, jazz and tap classes.


Suzie's favorite moves are tap moves, and her favorite song to dance to is "Mama Mia."


In the second grade at Carlisle Elementary School, Suzie's favorite subject is writing. She wants to be a dance teacher and an artist when she grows up.

An interesting fact about Suzie is that she is named after her grandma.


Congratulations, Suzie!


Competitive Dancer

Avery Minshall

Avery is 18 years old and has been dancing at PADC for 14 years. She takes classes in ballet, pointe and modern. She competes on Contemporary Company. Avery's favorite thing about competition is the support of her teammates and feeling free on stage!


Avery's favorite classes are ballet and pointe. Her favorite move is anything that looks or feels awesome, and she loves to dance to instrumental and contemporary songs.


In the 12th grade at the Delaware Area Career Center, Avery plans to become a special education teacher.

A fun fact about Avery is that she is a first year teacher at PADC.


Congratulations, Avery!

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