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What Do You Do With Your Old Dance Costumes


1.  Keep them

That’s what we do, we keep them, all of them.   Why do we keep them?

  • Memories – We get attached

  • Younger cousins love to dress up in them

  • Pieces and parts can be used for Halloween Costumes

  • My mother kept mine and my children and nieces have loved looking at them, dancing in them and getting a lot of laughs over the years.  Those comments like “Mom, you really wore purple fish nets with your costume?  Yes dear, yes I did and we thought we looked fabulous!”, have given us a lot of good laughs. 

Some parents choose to make a quilt out of pieces of each costume to give to their dancer after their senior year.  If you or someone in your family sews, this may be a great option for you. 

At the moment, my dancer’s costumes are hanging in a walk-in closet, but as the collection grows, storage bins may be necessary.

2.  Donate Them

Check with local theater companies, pre-school programs, or school drama and dance departments.  Also, if your studio offers dance camps throughout the summer, they may be interested in using them as well.

3.  Sell Them 

You can try eBay of course or you can try one of several costume resellers.  See our list of costume resellers here.  Costume resellers are like any consignment store in that they take a percentage of the sell price.  Typically, they sell higher end or custom costumes.  Many families opt to sell the costumes and put the money towards costumes for the upcoming year.

Source: Your Daily Dance


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