Recital time is almost here, and we are all getting excited! Please make sure you read through this newsletter to keep you up to date and informed of what’s going on at PADC.

Recital Tickets On Sale May 20

Recital Tickets will be available online starting THIS Saturday, May 20th, at noon. Follow this link to select and purchase your tickets for any of our shows taking place on June 9th and 10th. If you did not previously utilize the 4 tickets that were covered by your recital fee, you will need to use a new coupon code to select those tickets without charge. You will receive your new coupon code via email around noon on the 20th. DO NOT pay for them at checkout as there are NO REFUNDS available through the ticketing company or the studio. If you have already used your 4 tickets at the beginning of May, you will not need a coupon code and may simply pay for your entire order upon checkout. Please copy and paste this link into your browser:

Recital Information

The annual PADC recital will be held Friday, June 9 and Saturday, June 10 at the Chappelear Drama Center at Ohio Wesleyan University. Students are to be dropped off for check-in using the outside stage door on the southeast side of the building 30 minutes before the start of the show. Dancers are to be signed-in and then go downstairs to their dressing rooms where they will sit with their class and wait until it is time to get lined up. Whichever parent signs the child in will also need to sign the child out. Younger students are encouraged to bring some type of quiet, sit down activity like Barbies and coloring books and crayons. No markers, Playdoh or jump ropes. Make sure everything the dancer brings with them is clearly labeled with their name or initials (especially costume parts and dance shoes). Please do not bring anything valuable. If your child is in more than one number, make sure you have all of the costume parts they will need for their next dance put together and labeled with their name, class and what number in the show their dance is. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK BACKSTAGE. Make sure all students have gone to the bathroom before you drop them off so they don't miss their dance on stage.

House doors will open 20 minutes before the start of the show. Parents are to remain in the audience until after the finale. At that time, one parent may come backstage to the dressing room area to pick-up your child and their belongings. Combo kids will remain on the stage after the final curtain and may be picked up on the stage. NO FLASH PHOTOS OR VIDEO CAMERAS! Under no circumstances are dancers permitted in the audience during a performance. All dancers must remain backstage until after the finale.

Make sure your child's hair is neatly secured in the correct hairstyle. Use lots of hairspray and bobby pins.
High pony tail: All Gym, Divas, Crew, Hippety Hop, Mini/Jr. Hip Hop, Jazz 1-3, Tap 1-3, Teen Jazz, Teen Tap, Combo 2 and Jr. Comp

High bun: All Ballet, All Lyrical, All Modern, Jazz 4-6, Tapp 4-6, Sr. Hip Hop, All-Stars, Sr./Jr. Elite, Teen Co. and A-Team

Half up (front and sides of hair in a small pony tail on top, back left down): Combo 1

If you have costumes that require different color tights, put your tan tights on first, then layer the others on top.
Girls....NO UNDERWEAR. Your tights ARE your underwear.

Recital Fees & Ticket Info

Just a reminder that recital fees were due on May 10. Recital fees are now $65 and include a DVD of your child's recital and four recital tickets to the show of your choice. PADC is excited to be using an online ticketing system this year, and there will be reserved seating. This will cut back on the long lines waiting to get into the theater. You will be able to pick your actual seats when you purchase them. Once your recital fee is paid, you will be given a priority code to go online and reserve your four tickets. At this time, you will only be able to reserve the four allocated to you. Additional tickets may be purchased beginning May 20 at noon. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can purchase beginning on May 20. As a courtesy to everyone attending, please do not leave any empty seat between groups. We want to make sure we can accommodate everyone at every performance, and that means using every available seat. If necessary, the studio reserves the right to adjust seating if this is an issue. Anyone age two and older will need a ticket. If you need more than four seats together, it will be best to wait until after May 20 to use your priority code so you can purchase additional tickets at $12 each. Unless the shows sell out in advance, tickets will be available for purchase up to the night of the recital for $14. The house will be completely cleared out between shows. All personal items must be picked up and taken with you when you leave the auditorium between shows. There will be no ticket sales at dress rehearsal. Remember, if you sign up to volunteer to help with the show, you will still see your child dance, and you won't need a ticket. The DVD will be available for pick-up at the studio during open house beginning August 6.

Princess Dance Camp

Come share in the fun and excitement at PADC's Summer Princess Dance Camp July 24-27! Children will explore different styles of dance like ballet, tap and jazz while also participating in a variety of activities such as gymnastics, arts and crafts and make-up. Camp runs Monday through Thursday from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, and the cost is $85.00. Open to children 5-8 years old. All campers need to bring a water bottle and a packed lunch. At the end of camp on Thursday, there will be a class presentation for the parents at 12:45. Sign-up at the studio today! Space is limited.

Missed Classes

Just a reminder, there is no credit given for missed classes. If a student misses class because they are ill, has a school/family obligation, or if the weather is bad, the studio offers a make-up class. Make-up classes are the student’s responsibility and are strongly encouraged. Students have four weeks to make up the class that they missed. Check with your child’s teacher to see which class would be appropriate to join for a make up.

Student Referrals

Spread the word that PADC offers a fabulous referral program. To thank you for the many referrals we receive, Performing Arts Dance Centre would like to reward those clients who pass along our good name to their friends and neighbors. Any current student who refers someone new to our studio for classes will receive one referral credit for each referral. Referral credits can be used for $10 off monthly tuition or $10 off a recital costume. To be eligible, the new student must have written your name down on the referral line of our registration/medical card and sign up for at least one month of classes. Previous students do not count toward referrals. Referral credits do not expire and can be redeemed at any time.

Shoe Donations

Wondering what to do with outgrown dance shoes? Donate them to the studio! We keep a variety of sizes and styles in our “Spare Pair” shoe stock. These donated shoes are used for when children forget their shoes, a new student is trying a class out, or if they ordered new shoes but they just haven‘t arrived yet. The studio is in need of several larger sizes of tap, ballet and jazz shoes. If interested in donating shoes, check with the office as to what size we still need.

Class Times Change Beginning May 22

Students are to come to their new combined class times below.

PRACTICE GROUP A 5:00 - 6:30 PM:
Monday Classes: Hippety Hop (Mon.), Jazz 1 (Mon.), Ballet 1 (Mon.), Tap 1, Lyrical 1 (Mon.), Mini All Stars and S.N. class will meet on Monday, May 22

Tuesday Classes: Combo 2 (Tues. 12:30), and Combo 2 (Tues. 5:15), Mini Comp, Gym 1/2 (Tues.), Gym 2/3 (Wed.), Gym 2/3 (Tues.), Gym 3 (Thurs.), and Jr. Elite/Sr. Company will meet on Tuesday, May 22 and May 30.

Wednesday Classes: Mini Hip Hop (Wed.), Hippety Hop (Mon.), Divas, Ballet 1 (Wed./Sat.), Jazz 3 (Wed.), Tap 3, Mini All Stars, Jr. Hip Hop (Wed.) and Combo 2 (Sat.) will meet on Wednesday, May 24 and May 31.

Thursday Classes: Combo 1 (Wed. 12:00), Combo One (Thurs.), Jazz 1 (Thurs.), Gym 1 (Tues./Thurs.), Tap 2 (Mon./Thurs.), Ballet 2 (Mon./Thurs.), Jazz 2 (Mon./Thurs.), Gym 1/2 (Sat.), Gym 2 (Thurs.), Mini Hip Hop (Thurs.) and Mini Hip Hop (Sat.) will meet on Thursday, May 25 and June 1.

PRACTICE GROUP B 6:45 - 8:30 PM:
Monday Classes: Sr. Hip Hop (Mon.), Jr. Hip Hop (Mon.), Ballet 6, Jazz 3 (Mon.), Teen Co. Tap, Teen Co. Ballet, Jr. Comp Tap, Jr. Comp Jazz and Jr. All Stars will meet on Monday, May 22.

Tuesday Classes: Hip Hop Crew, A-Team, Adult Hip Hop, Jr. Hip Hop (Tues.), Sr. Hip Hop (Tues.), Lyrical 4, Ballet 3 (Tues.), Ballet 4 (Tues./Wed.), and Pointe will meet on Tuesday, May 23 and May 30.

Wednesday Classes: Teen Jazz (Mon./Wed.), Modern 1 (Wed./Thurs.), Modern 2, Teen Co. Jazz, Teen Co. Lyrical, Jazz 5/6, Tap 4 and Jr. All Stars will meet on Wednesday, May 24 and May 31.

Thursday Classes: Teen Tap, Teen Lyrical (Mon./Thurs.), Teen Ballet (Thurs.), Ballet 3 (Thurs.), Lyrical 1 (Thurs.), Lyrical 2 (Mon./Thurs.), Lyrical 3, Jazz 4 (Tues./Thurs.), , Pointe and Ballet Company will meet on Thursday, May 25 and June 1.

Production, Ballet Company and Pointe will meet Saturday, May 27 from 9:30-12:30 and Saturday, June 3.

These combined classes are to prepare the students for dancing in front of an audience. This will help to minimize stage fright and allow them to dance to their full potential on stage. We also will be practicing the finale during these times. Make sure all younger students have gone to the bathroom before class starts. Parents, you do not need to stay unless you want to stay. It will be crowded on these days, so please allow for extra time for parking and drop off. Even though class times are extended, June tuition is half of what is usually paid.

Dress Rehearsal is June 5-7

Dress rehearsal is on Monday, June 5, Tuesday, June 6 and Wednesday, June 7 at the Chappelear Drama Center at Ohio Wesleyan University.

If you are in the Friday show, your dress rehearsal will start promptly at 5:15 PM on Monday.

If you are in the 12:00 Pm show, your dress rehearsal will start promptly at 7:00 PM on Monday.

If you are in the 2:00 PM show, your dress rehearsal will start promptly at 5:15 PM on Tuesday.

If you are in the 4:00 PM show, your dress rehearsal will start promptly at 7:00 PM on Tuesday.

If you are in the 6:00 PM show, your dress rehearsal will start promptly at 5:15 Pm on Wednesday.

Students are to be dressed and ready to dance 15 minutes before the start of your show. If you are late, you could miss your dance. All dances will be run only one time unless there is staging, sound or lighting checks to be done. Students and parents are to wait in the audience. When you are in the auditorium, you must site quietly with your class. All dancers and siblings must have parental supervision at all times and be sitting quietly. No running around the theater. Absolutely no food or drink in the theater. Dancers will be called up to the stage for their number.

Please check all parts of their costume prior to dress rehearsal. Make sure they have to right color tights and shoes. All dancers are to wear stage make-up and have their hair sprayed in the correct style for their class. Stage make-up includes foundation, powder, blush, black eye liner, eye shadow, black mascara and red lipstick. No bangs. No jewelry. No gum. (Combo kids can have bangs as long as they are trimmed 3/4 inch above their eyebrow. Combo kids also need to have light make-up: foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow and lipstick.) Parents, if you notice that your child looks washed out under the stage lights, put more make-up on them for the recital. You may take photos and video during the dress rehearsal only. Dancers who are in more than one number, make sure you have all of your costumes laid out and change in the quick change room located stage left.

Costume Deposits

Just a reminder that costume balances were due on March 10. If you are in multiple classes, you will need to pay the balance due for every number in which you will be dancing in the recital. This fee also includes all tax, shipping and a new pair of tights for the recital. Check the bulletin board for the exact amount of your costume balance for your class. Going forward, there is a $5 service charge per costume that will be applied to any costume balance that is not paid.

Lost -n-Found

Please label all dance shoes and bags with student's name. The studio does have a lost and found bin in the waiting room. It fills up pretty quick with sippy cups, water bottles, shirts, pants, gloves, hats and, of course, DANCE SHOES! To help reduce the number of lost shoes, make sure you write the student's name on the inside of each shoe! Any items not claimed by recital time in June will be disposed of or donated.

Directions To The Studio

Our studio is located at 111 Valleyside Drive in Delaware. Valleyside Drive is conveniently located just off West William Street (Rt. 36) across from Carson Farms Blvd. You will see the Richwood Bank on the corner. As you go down Valleyside Drive, WillowBrook Christian Communities will be on your right. The studio is the last building on the left. You will turn into the front side of the building, which is the studio side. There is plenty of parking in the dedicated parking lot, and the location is great for easy pick-up and drop off.


To make things easier for our parents, the studio offers an autopay option for tuition and costumes. This is a free service, and you can have it drafted from any VISA, Mastercard or check card. This is a stress free alternative so you don't have to worry about remembering to make the payment and also guarantees you will never receive a late fee. Please check with the office if you are interested.

Remind 101

If you would like to receive text notifications for closings and other important studio information, please sign up by texting “@padc” to the number 740-279-1753. Do not include quotation marks in the message.