Emme Milliken

Competitive Dancer Spotlight

Emme is nine years old and has been dancing at PADC for six years. She currently takes classes in hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, tap, gymnastics, back handspring clinic and strengthen and stretch. She competes on the Mini All Stars and Crew teams. She also does a solo and a duet. Emme's favorite thing about competition is that she gets to hang out with her friends.

Emme's favorite classes are lyrical and hip hop, and her favorite songs to dance to are "My Adidas" and "What the World Needs Now is Love." Her favorite moves to do are the wave and the worm, and she plans to one day become some kind of teacher.

An interesting fact about Emme is that she is very shy everywhere except dance!

Emme is in the third grade at Carlisle Elementary.

Congratulations, Emme!

Julianna Baron

Recreational Dancer Spotlight

Julianna is 10 years old and has been dancing at PADC for two years. She currently takes gymnastics and hip hop classes. Her favorite move is a front aerial, and her favorite song to dance to is "Paris" by Chain Smokers.

A fifth grader at Schultz Elementary, Julianna's favorite subject is science. Her career plans include becoming a veterinarian.

A fun fact about Julianna is that she dances all the time! We love that!

Congratulations, Julianna!