Morgan Hall

Competitive Dancer Spotlight

Morgan is 13 years old and has been dancing at PADC for 11 years. She takes classes in tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, ballet, pre-pointe, gymnastics and hip hop. She competes on Jr. Elite, Squad, Mini Jr. Ballet Company and Production. Morgan's favorite thing about competition is having fun.

Morgan's favorite classes are hip hop, tap and jazz, and she loves dancing to fast happy songs. Her favorite move to do in dance class is a chest stand.

An interesting facts about Morgan is that her middle name is Bean.

Morgan is going into the eighth grade at Dempsey Middle School.

Congratulations, Morgan!

Breck Doty

Recreational Dancer Spotlight

Breck is 8 years old and has been dancing at PADC for four years. She currently takes acro and hip hop. Her favorite move is a back walkover, and her favorite song to dance to is "Without Me" by Halsey.

Currently going into the third grade at Schultz Elementary, Breck's favorite subject is history. Her career plans include becoming an astronaut or a dancer.

A fun fact about Breck is that she has two cats and a dog!

Congratulations, Breck!